Tower Custom 6”x13” Satin Birch Veneer Snare Drum


  • 6″ x 13″


  • Satin Birch Veneer

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A New Voice

Introducing the new custom Tower Satin Birch snare drum in a ‘compact concert’, 6×13 size. Featuring Rogers’ proprietary 5-ply shell with reinforcement rings with precision-cut bearing edges and snare beds, this little beauty sits comfortably behind a kit and is designed to project with a powerful, resonant tone.

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Innovation Forward

A first in these dimensions across the brand’s celebrated timeline, the Tower Satin Birch is also our first Tower model snare drum! Crafted with all the hallmarks of Rogers’ legendary quality, this exciting new drum is visually striking – rendered in a beautifully-grained Satin Birch Veneer finish. Another forward-looking snare drum concept to continue Rogers’ long legacy of uncompromising style and innovation.

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Tonality and Versatility

Engineered for exceptional tone and dynamic response to deliver a wide-open, ‘woody’ voice, here’s a snare drum that’s right at home in any musical situation. Its 6”x13” profile delivers fast response, clarity of sticking and fat, throaty tones across a wide tuning range. Discover Rogers’ new custom Tower Satin Birch snare drum – an awesome addition to any kit, and a perfect match for the Tower Uptown Satin Birch drum kit.

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    • Configuration: 6”x13”
    • Shell: Contemporary 5-ply Maple shell with re-rings
    • Bearing Edge: 45 Degree
    • Finish: Satin Birch Veneer
    • Lugs: Beavertail 
    • Hoops: 2.3mm
    • Heads: Remo
    • Throw-Off: Swivo-Matic
    • Badge: PowerTone
    • Model: TWR-23-SBV

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