Much more than just a stunning tribute to its famous older brother, the Rogers ‘Swivo-Matic’ pedal, this unique, precision-crafted Dyno-Matic advances many of the original pedal’s pioneering features into the 21st Century. Introduced in 2018, the RP-100 Dyno-Matic pedal advanced many of the unique features from Rogers’ legendary ‘Swivo-Matic’ pedal into the 21st Century. The Dyno-Matic is an ultra-versatile, nouveau classic, loaded with user-friendly controls and extra fine-tuning capabilities.

By popular demand, players now have a choice. For those that prefer that classic, ’strap-drive feel,’ Rogers’ new RP-100S features a durable, fiber-reinforced nylon strap design that provides all the versatility of the RP-100 but with that reminiscent lighter feel of days gone by. Quiet and frictionless operation, without stretch or slack in the strap, gives you a precise and expressive response every time.

Experience Rogers’ strap drive Dyno-Matic pedal – designed to render every nuance of your own personal expression. Includes a stylish Rogers logo nylon carry bag with accessory compartments and an over-the-shoulder strap.

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Dyno-Matic Pedal