A. 14″ x 22″ Bass Drum, 16” x 16″
Floor Tom, 9” x 13″ Tom
Model# CLE-0322HX-PDP


B. 14” x 20″ Bass Drum, 14” x 14″
Floor Tom, 8” x 12″ Tom
Model# CLE-0320HX-PDP


5-Ply Maple/Poplar with re-rings


Purple Diamond Pearl w/ Purple Diamond Pearl Hoop Inlays

Once Upon a Time…

Of the many Rogers’ stories that collectors and historians share, the rare and elusive Purple Diamond Pearl drums perhaps holds the greatest mystique. After briefly appearing on a handful of Rogers drums in 1957 (including artist Cozy Cole’s personal outfit), this fabled and sublime drum finish seemed to vanish into the annals of history. Now in a very special limited release, Rogers announces our new Cleveland Series, Purple Diamond Pearl drum collection.

Once Upon a Time…

Cleveland Series Purple Diamond Pearl

Folklore No More

Faithfully rendered in stunning detail with the classic Rogers’ appointments, this exciting new Cleveland collection offers your choice of two popular, 3-piece shell configurations: 14”x22”, 16”x16”, 9”x13” – or – 14”x20”, 14”x14”, 8”x12”. Also available are select size individual drums to create your own custom configuration, including:

CLE-0812T-PDP Rogers Cleveland Series 8”x12” Tom
CLE-0913T-PDP Rogers Cleveland Series 9”x13” Tom
CLE-1414F-PDP Rogers Cleveland Series 14”x14” Floor Tom

CLE-1616F-PDP Rogers Cleveland Series 16”x16” Floor Tom
CLE-1418BD-PDP Rogers Cleveland Series 14″x18″ Bass Drum

Tailored Tone

The Cleveland’s exclusive shell design is tailored for today’s music, featuring a wide spectrum of warm and punchy tones with a rich, low-end presence – perfect for all modern genres. Consisting of a 5-ply Maple and Poplar body with 2-ply Maple reinforcement rings, this robust shell design provides a canvas for unlimited expression with exceptional dynamic range.

Cleveland Purple Diamond Pearl

Top It Off

To make our historic offering complete, we are also offering our top-level, Dyna-Sonic or SuperTen snare drum models in matching Purple Diamond Pearl. Choose from:

36-PDP Dyna-Sonic 5”x14”

37-PDP Dyna-Sonic 6.5”x14”

ST36-PDP SuperTen 5”x14”

ST37-PDP SuperTen 6.5”x14”

Dyna Sonic Snare in Purple Diamond Pearl


    • Shell: 5-ply maple/poplar with re-rings
    • Bearing Edge: 45 degree w/reverse roundover
    • Drum Hoops: 2.3mm triple flanged
    • Bass Drum Hoops: Black with matching inlay
    • Lugs: Beavertail die-cast lugs
    • Badge: Rogers Script Logo
    • Heads: Remo Coated Ambassador
    • Floor Tom Legs: Hex profile (3)

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