Powertone 3 Piece Drum Kit, Sunburst Lacquer


A. 14” x 20” Bass Drum, 16”x 16”
Floor Tom, 9”x 13” Tom
Model# PT-0320HX-SB


B. 14” x 22” Bass Drum, 16”x 16”
Floor Tom, 9”x 13” Tom
Model# PT-0322HX-SB


5-Ply Maple/Poplar with re-rings


3-Tone Sunburst Lacquer finish

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Roger’s Original Landmark Finish

Paying tribute to Rogers’ original 3-tone Sunburst finish from the “Big R” era of the 1970s, our latest PowerTone kit is visually stunning and features sought-after, expanded shell profiles – all designed to bring the brand’s legendary tone, style and craftsmanship to today’s generation of drummers.

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Built for Classic Rogers’ Tone

Precision-built with Rogers’ proprietary 5-ply shells, reinforcement rings and artisan-cut bearing edges in two celebrated configurations: Your choice of 14” x 20”, or 14” x 22” bass drum paired with the classic 16” x 16” floor and 9” x 13” rack toms. These exceptional drums are also complemented with pro appointments: Fruitwood stain interiors, PowerTone labels and the Ultra-Matic mounting system – and, offered at an attractive price point.

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Rogers’ Ultra-Matic Hex Mounting System

PowerTone Series also features the innovative Ultra-Matic Tom mount, featuring a Hex L-Rod ball joint arm and the new Bi-directional Mounting Brackets complete with original Rogers’ spec Oval Plates. Classic Rogers “Clock Face” styling and a low-profile offer a mounting system that is ultra-adjustable and lightweight, as well as sturdy and dependable.

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Matching Snare Drums

Pair the PowerTone shell pack with a matching PowerTone Sunburst Lacquer snare drum, available in 5” x 14″ and 6.5” x 14” sizes:

24-SB PowerTone 5×14 Snare Drum Sunburst Lacquer
26-SB PowerTone 6.5×14 Snare Drum Sunburst Lacquer

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    • Shell: 5-ply maple/poplar with re-rings
    • Drum Hoops: 2.3mm triple flanged
    • Bass Drum Hoops: Gloss Black Lacquer hoops
    • Lugs: Beavertail die-cast lugs
    • Badge: Rogers Script Logo
    • Mounting Hardware: Ultra-Matic Hex Mounting System
    • Heads: Remo
    • Floor Tom Legs: Hex profile (3)

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