Tower Series 3 Piece Drum Kit, Satin Black Gold Duco


10″ x 22″ Bass Drum, 16” x 16″

Floor Tom, 8” x 12″ Tom

Model# TWR-0322HX-SBGD


5-Ply Maple/Poplar with re-rings


Satin Black & Gold Duo-Color Lacquer Finish

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Elevate Your Style With Classic Rogers Sound

Rogers’ exciting second offering in the Tower series arrives in a custom retro shell configuration and finish. The new Tower Black/Gold “Duco” shell-pack features an 8”x12” tom, 16”x16” floor tom and the uniquely-sized 10”x 22” bass drum that delivers profound depth and clarity. The kit’s compact footprint combined with a large profile floor tom and traditional rack tom offers incredible versatility for use in any musical setting. Impressively styled in a duo-color black/gold satin lacquer finish, center-mount lugs and the Ultra-Matic hex mounting, Rogers’ new Tower edition is a pro-line kit, at the right price point crafted to inspire all generations of drummers.

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Get Centered

Fashioned after the vintage kits of the 1960’s, the Tower series may look retro, but pack a decidedly modern voice that lives up to its name. With our proprietary 5-ply shell, reinforcement rings and precision-cut bearing edges, this formula shines in Tower’s compact shell package – producing warm, resonant tones and projection across a wide tuning range. The Tower series drums feature the classic, center-mount lugs and Rogers’ signature script logo badge, 2.3mm hoops and our trademark Fruitwood stain interiors.

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The New Ultra-Matic Mounting System

Continuing Rogers’ legacy of innovation, Tower drum kits feature the new Ultra-Matic hex mounting system. Super stable with stylish components that feature Rogers classic “Clock face” design, trademark oval plate, and quick-adjust ball joint arm for fluid angle and height adjustment.

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Matching Snare Drums

Also available are optional matching PowerTone snare drums in 5” and 6.5” shell profiles.


TWR-24-SBGD Tower 5” x 14” Snare Drum Satin Black Gold Duco 

TWR-26-SBGD Tower 6.5” x 14” Snare Drum Satin Black Gold Duco

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  • Shell:

    5-ply Maple/ Poplar with re-rings

    Bearing Edge: 

    45 Degree w/ reverse round over edge

    Drum Hoops: 

    2.3mm triple-flanged

    Bass Drum Hoops:

    Satin Black Lacquer


    Beavertail die-cast center lugs


    Rogers Script Logo

    Mounting Hardware:

    Ultra-Matic Hex Mounting System


    Remo Coated UT

    Floor Tom Legs:

    Hex Profile (3)

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