As drummers, we’re constantly observing and evaluating sound. We make choices in our gear that help us deliver the sound that’s in our hearts and minds. From our choices in tuning, to the sticks we use, and how we play, we are all individuals. Among the many snare drum choices available, there are particular pieces that stand out from the crowd and are spoken about in a way that’s almost mythical. So rare are these instruments, very few people ever experience the magic of what made them legendary. But sometimes, legends make a comeback to reclaim their place in our hearts and minds and give us the inspiration to pick up the sticks and play our hearts out.

Drum inspiration

What inspires us to pick one drum over another? Sound, projection, beauty or emotional response are all valid answers, but ultimately how we choose a drum is about something more. It could be about tradition or feel or even a latent need. Our sense of belonging to a great tradition of drums and drumming. Whether or not we collect snare drums just for a hobby, how many times have you had to hear a drum before you realized you needed it in your collection?

What is a Dyna-Sonic?

The Dyna-Sonic snare drum was released in 1962 to solve a common problem of the snare wires choking the resonant head. Traditional snare throw-off systems pull the snare wires up against the resonant head and have a tendency to restrict vibrations across the surface, choking the tone.

The Dyna-Sonic floating snare rail

The patented Dyna-Sonic snare rail system allows the snare wires to be tensioned independently from the Clock Face throw off.

The snare wires are held at tension by the rail and are simply lifted by the throw off lever to make contact with the resonant head. This enables both the shell and the heads to resonate to their full potential and offers you a uniquely versatile drum.

The Dyna-Sonic wood shell

The Dyna-Sonic drum shell is another very important component to the sound. The hand built wood shell is a proprietary blend of 2mm thick plies of maple and poplar built into a 5 ply shell with reinforcement rings. The shell is modelled on the 60s classic and pays tribute to the legendary sound of the Rogers original.

Each interior is finished in a Fruitwood stain. These drums are available in two sizes: 14” x 5” and 14″ x 6.5”.

The Dyna-Sonic brass shell

The Dyna-Sonic snare drum range extends to a B7 brass model featuring a 1.2mm natural brass shell and the original 7 line Dyna-Sonic styling on the exterior.

The drums are available in 14” x 5”, 14” x 6.5” and 14” x 8” sizes.

Meeting the Legend

We assembled a group of drummers from different musical backgrounds at Sawhorse Studios in St. Louis, Mo. to experience the Dyna-Sonic line of snare drums. The drummers had the opportunity to play all of the snare drums in an isolation booth, then took their favorite drum to the live room to try out with one of two Covington drum kits. The players put the snare drums through their paces and had a chance to reflect on their experience with the various models.

Let’s Jam

Musicians love to jam when given a chance, so we paired up the guys with keyboardist Rocky Mantia and jammed. Each drummer brought their unique style to the room and the music. It was a fantastic way to hear each Dyna-Sonic snare drum and how the voice of the drum sat in the music. To say we had some inspired performances would be inadequate.