Model No. 4723
Dyna-Sonic Snare Rail Unit with 20 strand snare wires

Roger’s product designer, Joe Thompson said it best in his Jan 16, 1962 patent application for the Dyna-Sonic snare rail system: “The goal of this invention is to provide a drum with ‘floating snares’, which can be tensioned without putting pressure on the head, on a drum with no snare beds.”


The new Dyna-Sonic snare frame is that same exclusive floating snare frame design. Made of cast steel, the frame comes complete with snare wire mounted. The single tension screw located at the end of the frame, gives one-point uniformed tensioning with simple hand adjustment. Set it, and it remains in the desired position.



Cast rail mount measures 14.5″ end to end
Comes with 20 strand snare wires mounted
Includes nylon mounting cords